Pastor Odell Saxton is the Founder and Pastor of Highway of Holiness Church of the Apostles' Doctrine, Inc. He grew up in the City of Camden NJ, so he founded this ministry, as the spirit of God led him, in 2016 back in the City that he grew up in. He served and was taught under the leadership of the late Elder Henry F. Carmichael for over 18 years and served as the Assistant Pastor for the 3 proceeding years of his departure.

Pastor Saxton is baptized in Jesus name and is filled with the Holy Ghost. He is the husband of 1 wife and has been married to her, Sister Terri Saxton, for over 25 years. Pastor and Sister Saxton have 3 daughters, Asia, Jaida and Lela who all work along side their parents in the Ministry.

Pastor Saxton loves to praise the Lord and has a great desire to teach Holiness and to give a simple understanding to what that means. He also has a special desire in his heart to bring men to Jesus, to teach them how to be strong men and leaders and to have them stand strong for the gospel. He and his wife take a lot of time with the youth, to encourage them and provoke them to greatness and to be a witness for the Lord. 

Pastor Saxton is not only a husband, father and Pastor but he is also a Sheriff's Officer and will retire after 25 years of service on September 30, 2022, and has recently retired as a Councilman for the Borough of Magnolia, NJ. These other positions have allowed him opportunities to take the gospel into areas that would not generally welcome it and is a great source for allowing him to provide resources to the congregation and the community alike.
The Lord has given Pastor Saxton a great vision and work to be done and he is dedicated to pleasing the Lord. Because of this, in April of 2021, the Lord blessed him to purchase, in cash, a new church building at 2180 Center Square Road in Logan Township, NJ and in October of 2021, Highway of Holiness was relocated to our new home. Today, Pastor Saxton continues the work of building the Ministry that
 God has appointed unto him.

All praises, glory and honor belong to the one and only almighty God.